D O C U M E N T 1 4 0 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 5 1 5 9 139. Calculations on Decomposition of Riemann Curvature [Berlin, between 25 December 1925 and 9 January 1926] [Not selected for translation.] 140. From Moritz Schlick[1] Vienna IV, Prinz-Eugen Str. 68, 27 December 1925 Dear, esteemed Professor, Some time ago you were so kind as to join our committee, which dealt with the preparations for the erection of a monument to Mach in a Viennese public park.[2] This monument (a fine marble bust on a granite pedestal) is supposed to be erected in the city hall park and unveiled around the end of January. The most important Viennese newspaper, the Neue Freie Presse, wants to publish a special supplement in memory of Mach on this occasion, in which it intends to cast light on different aspects of his work and his personality. A local expert will portray him as a physi- ologist, another as an experimental physicist, etc. I myself am going to try to briefly present his achievements in epistemology.[3] I would now very cordially like to ask you also to provide a short contribution for this special issue, and to give some brief explanations saying what you value in him and what position you and relativity theory might take on him. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will be pleased to write this contribution for us,[4] which would be so extremely valuable for our purposes, and in that case ask you please to send the manuscript soon after mid-January to Prof. Wolfgang Pauli (father of Pauli, Jr., and very well acquainted with Mach at the time).[5] Address: XVIII Vienna, 78 Anton Frank Street. You have in the meantime certainly already been informed about the letter re- garding Mr. Reichenbach that I had to write a short while ago in reply to Mr. Planck at his request.[6] I was so dreadfully sorry that his prospects in Berlin were so bad, despite Planck’s and Laue’s efforts, and that it was unfortunately also impossible to find him a position here in Vienna.[7] I have heard nothing more about the status of this matter in the interim and would therefore be very grateful if you would en- lighten me on this in a few words. Please do also kindly let me know whether he knew anything about the Viennese plan, so that I know whether or not to refer to it when I write him my next letter. Yesterday Mr. Ph[ilipp] Frank was here from Prague,[8] and I used the opportunity to recommend Reichenbach to him. He wants
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