3 6 0 D O C U M E N T 3 6 4 A U G U S T 1 9 2 6 364. From Paul Ehrenfest Leyden, 31 August 1926 Dear Einstein, The hope of soon having you here delighted all of us very much!!![1] But a brief passage in your letter gravely startled me.— You write: “I consider Polianowskaja[2] a kind of impostor you shouldn’t have let yourselves be duped by her.” That Englishman whom she is supposed to be marrying in a few weeks[3] is a VERY nice, fine chap from an exquisite family.— This Englishman is personally acquainted with that Russian Jew with whom Polian. had been more or less mar- ried, and who is now working in Palestine after having lived and studied in Berlin for a while for Polian.’s sake.— So, IN THIS respect, that Englishman and his father[4] are clearly fully informed. I KNOW THIS FROM HIM PERSONALLY.— So, if you are hinting at THIS background, that doesn’t unsettle me much.— The fact that she doesn’t know anything about physics is also clear to me, hence that’s also harmless.— But perhaps by the word impostor you were alluding to something substantially more serious!?!?!— In that case I would find it quite unbearable to allow the young Englishman to be deceived!!— (Because I visited them on the father’s country estate, I have a very distinct impression of what reputable people those Salamans are.— Particularly also the deceased mother!)[5] Therefore, please answer the following questions for me very briefly: 1. Did you mean something SERIOUS by the expression “a kind of impostor,” or perhaps only “a little disingenuous”? 2. If I HAVE NOT MISUNDERSTOOD a brief statement by Kapiza,[6] Polian. ar- rived IN CAMBRIDGE with a kind of letter of introduction FROM YOU.— And this letter of introduction is then more or less connected with her having gained ad- mission to working in Rutherford’s[7] laboratory.— Did you give her a letter of introduction? 3. In case it really does involve something serious, I certainly cannot allow young Salaman to be taken in.— Do then please provide me with information that is ab- solutely reliable and that I can use openly WITHOUT HAVING TO MENTION YOUR NAME!! I await your answer with great impatience, which will hopefully turn out to be entirely reassuring. If, in accordance with your dear habit, you reply by postcard, do omit ALL NAMES! With warm regards, your
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