D O C U M E N T 4 3 5 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 6 4 1 3 ¢when one² Proof: one feels a certain way, when one wonders calmly and dispas- sionately. In the fundamental issues of what ought to be, as in matters of taste, noth- ing can be proved. And yet I believe that there is a sort of “truth” therein, while I also believe that one cannot come to grips with these things through reason, at least in fundamental issues. Thus, I feel that an increase in understanding and a perfect- ing of the artistic expression of the soul should be construed as the things most wor- thy of effort, also the matters that are related to human dignity and justice. And I note that you also believe that and do not wish to accept it only because of the fact that you cannot justify it.— Could we not get together at Easter?[3] I would like that very much and would also really need a rest. For one gets continuously older and the obligations increase instead of decreasing. It would be nice if Albert came here for a short time to rest after completing his exams.[4] He could also make some connections here that would be of value. If he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t have to live with me. There are other accommodations for him. Tell him that. I am often with Zangger[5] and have a good time with him. He is such a decent and perceptive fellow. Visit him he’s in Zurich during the holidays. I also intend to finally take care of Mama’s cactus.[6] Warm regards, to the other two as well.[7] Write again soon to your Papa. Think about when we could see each other again. 435. To Anna Meyer-Schmid[1] [Berlin, 17 December 1926] Dear Anneli, So I get to hear from you again after the two of us have found our way into the old guard. And how comical is the circumstance that put the pen in your hand. How did the fellows in America even find out that I was acquainted with you? How could strangers concern themselves with such private matters?…. Better not to know.[2] I have long been divorced from the woman who, back then, acted so severely against you.[3] She is living with my boys[4] in Zurich. I come there every year. Per- haps I will visit you sometime in Basel. It is good that I have again heard from Anneli on this occasion, and that the beau- tiful years of our youth surface again out of the depths, the times when one did not yet have any gray hair and was not the beleaguered big shot from whom everyone wants something. Best regards for now from your A. Einstein
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