V O L U M E 1 , D O C U M E N T 5 3 b 1 5 even if he doesn’t have any specific intent, he should come by or have me meet him somewhere to saunter around town together it’ll be a true pleasure for me. Please tell Robert[6] that tomorrow (Saturday) evening there’ll be a wonderful philhar- monic concert here, to which I urgently invite him, likewise anyone else in your dear family wanting to come along. It’ll be wonderful (they say). Byland[7] is a very kind person & sends his warmest greetings to you. Now, a thousand greetings to all of you from your Albert Vol. 1, 53b. To Marie Winteler Aarau, Wednesday [6 September 1899] Dear little Marie, Little Mama[1] relayed to me the friendly greeting that you sent me & the per- mission to write to you. I thus believe, justifiably, I can give in to my yearning when I send you these lines. Until now, the fear of upsetting your delicate heart has always kept me from doing so. This was also the reason that I did not visit you when you spent the summer here, despite the fact that I longed to see you. I know, dear girl, what pain I have caused you, and have already experienced grave suffer- ing myself as a result.[2] But if you look forward innocently to communicating with me & are able to re- place old unfounded pain with new joy, write to me again freshly & happily, just as it is in your heart. If I know myself, you will not be writing to an unworthy person. I have been in your lovely home since Sunday evening & am working with Tuchschmid on a physics paper.[3] Work has already helped me get through many an inner conflict. Now something more, dear little Marie, of the utmost importance. Put your health & youth above music. A bit of happy peace of mind is worth a thousand times more than all the art in the world. If you yourself are successful & happy, you give, already with that, the greatest happiness to those who love you. There is no need for more. Let the hours you spend with music be an offering that you make for your pleasure & your joy, but do not sacrifice to music the joy of your existence. There is nothing in the world that would be worthy of such a sacrifice. I dare not write more to you since I do not know how you will take it. Accept an affectionate greeting from your Albert
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