D O C U M E N T S 8 8 , 8 9 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 5 1 0 1 88. To Mileva Einstein-Mariü [Berlin,] 17 October 1925 Dear Mileva, Things have become very dangerous with Albert. For he told me himself that he’s got it in his head to marry Miss Knecht.[1] I know only one remedy. Here he’s become acquainted with a good-looking woman in her 40s, who has made an im- pression on him.[2] She will likely quickly win him over without it being risky for him. Send him here to study this year. Then he’ll be cured. He will, of course, live independently and be his own man. Write me immediately what you think about this. Send me the necessary declaration so I can also provide for my people here.[3] Otherwise, I would be forced to divest myself of any assets already during my life- time. I received a report from the German legation in Moscow that inquiries about your brother have been initiated [4] but the answer will require a relatively long wait. I received a letter from the American bank concerning the interest on $5,000. I reinvested it in Brazilian dollar bonds. This is reliable and extremely beneficial.[5] Best regards to you and the boys[6] from your Albert Speak openly with Albert and tell him that only through a separation can he see things clearly for himself. 89. To Mileva Einstein-Mariü [Berlin,] Sunday [18 October 1925][1] Dear Mileva, After what I heard today, I, unfortunately, have to take back my proposal of yesterday.[2] The lady on whom I mistakenly pinned my hopes is—your friend, who, unfortunately, probably has only a purely friendly interest in Albert.[3] It would thus hardly be worthwhile for Albert to study here this year. For, with his reserved nature, he would find no one, male (or female), who would change his mind, especially since he would constantly be under the effect of letters from Zu- rich. Perhaps one could try to influence him through kindly disposed friends in
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