2 2 4 D O C U M E N T S 2 1 0 , 2 1 1 M A R C H 1 9 2 6 210. To Eduard Einstein [Berlin,] 6 March 1926 Dear Tete, Your little poems are truly nice. Probably your school has never before been so ardently glorified as through your Sodom and Gomorrah.[1] I read absolutely all of it attentively and find the verses quite good. But see to it that rhythm does not be- come chronic, that you do not unlearn prose otherwise, it will not go well for you in this most prosaic of all worlds. On ¢2² 15 July I have a meeting in Geneva. Then we will go on holiday together.[2] I would prefer somewhere in the mountains, but where we can wear shirt sleeves, won’t be gawked at, and it doesn’t cost so much. Look into it. We can also do a little hiking beforehand, perhaps with our lodging as our final destination. I’m really looking forward to it. Would you like to meet Langevin and Mrs. Curie?[3] I’m also meeting briefly with them but not at the actual lodging (don’t worry!). I’m really looking forward to our spending time together. Write me something about your life and aspirations. I know so little about what’s going on with you, what pleases you, and what annoys you. Warm regards from your Papa 211. To Mileva Einstein-Marić [Berlin,] 6 March 1926 Dear Mileva, I was very pleased with your conciliatory and kind note. I also understand your anxiety concerning Albert.[1] If he did not expect children from the girl, I would not take a position so energetically. However, the genetic material of our children is in any case not without its flaws.[2] If now another burden is added, that is a real disaster. So, please ask Albert to talk to Prof. Hans Meyer at the Burghölzli clinic.[3] It would be a blessing if he did that. If I didn’t do everything to prevent the disaster, I would have to severely reproach myself. If he insists on his way after everything has been presented to him, he alone bears the responsibility. I will visit you all in Zurich before or after the Geneva meeting (15 July).[4] I am very much looking forward to it despite the fuss. I am also very pleased that you are so happy with the house.[5] Ultimately everything comes down to the feeling that one has about it. Friendly regards to you and Albert[6] from your Albert
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