D O C U M E N T 1 9 3 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 6 2 0 9 to take sides[8] in university appointments of these people, I feel uncertain on this point regarding Academy choices—may the devil take them!) 8) We are much better able to judge the value of Holst here than you are, since we can see the extent to which the work of his assistants in Eindhoven is based on his initiative and inventiveness.— However, fortunately, all competent people agree that they as well as I regard him very highly. In particular, it is to the credit of Holst alone that he has made, in a fierce battle against the businessmen of the factory, one of the most significant research laboratories in Holland OUT OF NOTHING.— Laugh at but excuse the unusually stiff wording of this letter, to which YOU, HOWEVER, may respond as unstiffly as you wish.— I aspired to state everything in such a way that only my personal views could be read from it, and nothing more.— I would be very grateful for a quick response even if it’s brief.[9] Enclose with your response an indication as to whether[10] and with which of my closely affiliated[11] colleagues in the Academy I can make use of your response! This time I need you as a friend more than ever! Affectionately yours, P. Ehrenfest You will hear from me soon about the good news from my wife from Moscow, about the children, etc.[12] 193. To the Royal Astronomical Society [Berlin, before 12 February 1926][1] ¢It is a rare and lucky blessing² He who discovers a line of thought which permits us to penetrate even a little deeper into the eternal mystery of Nature, is greatly privileged. He who, in addition, is encouraged by recognition, sympathy and sup- port from the best minds of his time experiences more happiness than any one can realize. In this ¢doubly² spirit, I humbly thank you for the great honor of which you have found me worthy.[2] I should have liked to come to you in person to receive the medal awarded to me ¢but the state of my health obliges me to avoid such excite- ment.² unfortunately it is impossible for me to do so.[3] Respectfully yours, A. E. Translators’ note: Based in part on a translation published in Nature 117, No. 2938 (20 February 1926): 278.
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