D O C U M E N T S 5 1 8 , 5 1 9 M A Y 1 9 2 7 5 1 7 518. To Max von Laue [Berlin,] 6 May 1927 Dear Laue, For some time now I have been in contact with a Mr. Schlomka. He carried out experiments in G. Hertz’s[1] institute with the gravitational balance (Eötvös torsion balance) which indicate forces that supposedly differ from theory beyond the mar- gin of error.[2] G. Hertz wrote to me about this in detail. I also enclose his letter for you. Schlomka[3] came to these experiments by somewhat adventurous consider- ations on terrestrial magnetism that are to a certain extent related to mine. Those considerations have little value. But Schlomka’s experiments are neat, and that he should be taken seriously as an experimental physicist is beyond doubt. To continue his experiments he needs 1,000 marks. I think that these funds should be procured for him, if possible. He has a metal prism that can be filled with water and finds inhomogeneities in the gravitational field which do not agree with the calcu- lation, i.e., possibly forces that cannot be interpreted as gravitational forces. As he is working with a setup that operates more precisely than the ones that have hitherto been used to examine the inhomog[eneity] of the gravitational field, in my opinion one doesn’t have any right to dismiss his result offhand. Magnetic forces cannot ex- plain the deviations. Although I estimate the probability that there is something be- hind it to be low, we should try to get him the money.[4] Kind regards, your A. Einstein 519. To Erich Bobsin[1] [Berlin,] 7 May 1927 Dear Sir, Russians never say “No.” However, what was written to you absolutely has this meaning. We are, unfortunately, powerless against it. Respectfully yours, For Prof. Einstein Secretary
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