D O C U M E N T S 4 9 , 5 0 A U G U S T 1 9 2 5 6 3 49. To Paul Ehrenfest Kiel, 18 August 1925 Dear Ehrenfest, It goes without saying that I will be at Lorentz’s jubilee in Leyden.[1] The Astro- phys. Journ. has, to my knowledge, still not sent me a request for J.’s obituary [2] it will arrive soon, since you have heard about it. Whether I can come to Leyden be- fore December, I don’t know, but I hardly think so. I would only do it if it were nec- essary for the obituary, which I can, however, write in Berlin if need be—if you will just provide me the necessary reference points. The work on needle radiation should also apply for small Ȟ it has already been done, (negative irradiation), in order to include the Jeans region.[3] A special for- mulation is not needed for this only one must not attempt to combine with equa- tions of motion. I have a low opinion of the Miller experiment at the bottom of my black soul only I can’t say it out loud. It is less blind trust in the theory than the conviction that the difference between Cleveland and Mount Wilson cannot be significant because of the grand manner in which the old one created the world.[4] You know, of course, the result of Geiger-Bothe [5] certainly, neither of us doubted that. Jordan, with Born, has found a very nice addition to the theory of gas degeneracy (statistics of collision probability).[6] I once again have a theory of gravitation-electricity very beautiful but doubtful.[7] Warm regards to all of you from your Einstein I am not going to Pasadena[8] and, moreover, am quitting the traveling. 50. To Heinrich Zangger [Kiel,] 18 August 1925 Dear Friend, We often thought of you during our happy time together in Kiel (the boys[1] and I together), where we did a lot of sailing and made music to our hearts’ content. Tete is now already back in Zurich, but Albert is staying here until October, as he is getting workshop experience here in Anschütz’s factory. We also performed
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