D O C U M E N T 1 0 0 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 5 1 1 9 Since Prof. Albert Einstein has assigned most of his property in the form of a Nobel Prize to his ex-wife, Mrs. Mileva Einstein, during his lifetime,[6] which property will be transferred as inheritance to his sons, Albert and Eduard, said sons declare that they will make no claims whatsoever on the estate of Prof. Einstein that do not correspond to the last will and testament of their father. This is not a hostile attitude towards you and the boys. I merely would like to prevent my current wife and her daughters[7] from being reduced to poverty due to negligence on my part. I cannot take care of them as well as of you which is actu- ally not necessary. You see with Albert already that property is not necessarily a blessing. Do this together with Dr. Zürcher, who has always been your legal adviser. I’m sure he will approve of my action. What enraged me in your last letter was the threat of memoirs.[8] I simply cannot abide the excessive discussion of personal things in public, and I was really an- noyed with the nonsense by Moszkowski, which I permitted due to his financial difficulties, though the disgust nearly killed me.[9] However, it pleased me that you didn’t grumble back but wrote very nicely and politely. The most important thing is that we manage to pull the wool from Albert’s eyes. Keep me posted about this situation. I hope to be able to visit you in January or Feb- ruary if the next committee meeting is in Geneva.[10] From Paris[11] it would be a bit far. But perhaps I’ll come anyway. With warm regards to all three of you, your Papa 100. To Leo Kohn[1] [Berlin,] 1 November 1925 Dear Mr. Kohn, Enclosed you will find the letter replying to Herbert Samuel.[2] As for speech, I believe that the people can do this just as well without me, particularly since I am no public speaker and generally do not like to stand at the forefront.[3] If I can get out of it, I will. Everyone certainly knows how much value I attach to the cause. Yesterday, a letter came from Dr. Felix[4] along with many offprints I’m enclos- ing the letter. I think someone should write and tell him that the initiative for the appointments of employees rests with the Board of Governors,[5] not with the peo- ple to be appointed. I believe that we absolutely cannot accept this sort of official application as such. As for the matter of Miss Polianowsky, I gave her a personal recommendation addressed to Mr. Weizmann, with the idea that one could be on hand for her with
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