3 2 4 D O C U M E N T S 3 0 8 , 3 0 9 J U N E 1 9 2 6 are wonderful[5] —and yet, even so one hardly comes any closer to real comprehen- sion. The field in a multidimensional coordinate space does not smell of something real. I’m curious what Mr. Klein has found out [6] give him my best regards. I don’t hear from Albert anymore. He seems to want to fling himself blindly into his doom.[7] Tanya’s whims are gold by comparison.[8] What a pity that these pro- cesses have irreversible components. Warm regards to all of you from your Einstein 308. To Emil Rupp [Berlin,] 18 June 1926 Dear Colleague, I am very happy about the splendid success of the second experiment as well.[1] If you yourself don’t feel the need for further confirmation of the results, we could view the evidence of the correctness of the theory as established. I suggest that each of us publish his individual contribution in his own name however, both papers should be published directly one after the other, in the Sitzungsberichten der pre- ussischen Akademie. So please send me both papers as soon as possible[2] so that I can submit them before the summer vacation. I am leaving shortly after July 10.[3] On July 8, I could personally present the papers at the meeting. Kind regards, your A. Einstein Translators’ note: Translated by Doris Lonk and Tilman Sauer. 309. To Mileva Einstein-Mariü [Berlin,] 22 June [1926][1] Dear Mileva, On the 11th, we already have a meeting in Geneva and this will continue until the end of July.[2] From 13–20 July, I will be free there. I would like to propose to you to hold back with Tete[3] until 1 August and then bring him to me. I would then like to go somewhere in the mountains with him for 2 weeks, perhaps to Engadin, but where it is not so expensive.[4] The main thing: high altitude and sun. Maybe you can inquire about something. I should go to the mountains because of my
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