D O C U M E N T 4 1 6 F O R R O T E H I L F E 3 9 3 However, be that as it may, you give me much joy because you do not go through life apathetically but rather as a seeing and thinking being. I would very much like to spend time with you again soon. Can you come here during your Easter holiday? I don’t dare suggest Christmas so Mama[3] won’t be so glumly alone. Tell her that I am ashamed not to have fulfilled her wishes yet (cactus Biske was also unfortu- nately not there, and I also no longer know his address).[4] But I will improve, God willing. I have much to do. As for the scientific, I have again thrown myself into a few interesting technical matters.[5] It’s like a type of sport. Write again soon, your Papa I am enclosing a note to Albert.[6] Kind regards to Mama. 416. Statement for the Rote Hilfe Deutschlands [Einstein 1926x] Dated before 15 November 1926[1] Published after 15 November 1926 In: Felix Halle. Anklage gegen Justiz und Polizei. Zur Abwehr der Verfolgungen gegen das proletarische Hilfswerk für die politischen Gefangenen und deren Familien. Berlin: Mopr Verlag, 1926, p. 93. I have unfortunately often had occasion to see what painful hardships and injus- tices arise in this country out of a mutual unfamiliarity and lack of understanding among the classes. The destitute are almost always the ones who suffer. It is a grim injustice to hamper their mutual aid for each other.[2] A. Einstein
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