D O C U M E N T 2 5 4 A P R I L 1 9 2 6 2 6 9 there. When the time comes, Jewish physicists will have to be sought for it. We also want to do something for theory. Do you know of a suitable man? I believe this thing will, little by little, become magnificent my Jewish saint’s heart[13] is leaping for joy. Albert wants to go to South America.[14] Margot is home[15] and is making very pretty wax figures. The family is worn out because grandfather is gravely ill with cancer of the bladder.[16] Greetings to your youngsters, to the friendly mother, and especially to you, from your Einstein The d[amned] Germans are talking in a beastly way in the Conseil matter.[17] P.S. Such a six-vector, in which vanishes for , is (best?[18] ) de- scribed by a four-vector, or an antisymmetric tensor , in which one sets . This vanishes at rest if μ or ν are set equal to 4. At rest one would then have to set . This, generally, boils down to the condition being fulfilled.[19] But one doesn’t need this representation, because the condition at rest can also be substituted by The additions and to the Hamiltonian probably come into con- sideration for the equations of behavior, where the above auxiliary condition must be taken into account. The condition should probably also be maintained for the quantum, if one wants to give it angular momentum. The ’s would then have to be substi- tuted by . can be expressed by . But they remain freely selectable. 254. To Hendrik A. Lorentz [Berlin,] 12 April 1926 Esteemed and dear Mr. Lorentz, As soon as the exclusion of Germans as a matter of principle from the Solvay Institute has ended and Germans are invited again, both of which will be the case I14, I24, I34 u4 0= I123 0= Iμν Iμνρuρ = I123 0= I123u4 I234u1 I341u2 I412u3 + + + 0 = I14 I24 I34 0 = = = Iμνuν 0= ¦Iμνϕμν 2 ¦Iμν Iμνuν 0= αβγ 1– α2 β2 γ2 + + 1) = ( I14 I24 I34 I12, I23, I31
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