D O C U M E N T 3 J U N E 1 9 2 5 2 7 nothing for a long time. His already almost sufficiently accurate results reported thus far were negative. Perhaps the dimension-relationships are only random.[6] I will probably go to the League of Nations meeting in Switzerland if it doesn’t take place in Paris.[7] The successes of the League of Nations in world politics are unfortunately quite limited, so one becomes accustomed to treating it as a quantité négligeable. I almost wish I had not joined it again.[8] To find Europe enjoyable, one must visit America. To be sure, the people there are freer from prejudices, but, consequently, mostly hollow and uninteresting, more so than here. Wherever I go, I am enthusiastically welcomed by the Jews as, I am for them, a sort of symbol of the cooperation of Jews.[9] I take much pleasure in this, as I anticipate much pleasure from the unification of the Jews. Warm regards to all of you from your 3. From Auguste Piccard Arcachon (Gironde, France), Villa Lovely, Boulevard de la Plage, 5 June 1925 Dear Professor, I can finally report to you now about the completion of the analysis on the charge relations between the proton and electron.[1] The result is unfortunately a confir- mation of the earlier measurements.[2] But the precision has become about 10 times greater. We used the apparatus about which I had spoken to you in January:[3] CO2 is compressed up to 8 atm inside a 27 l iron vessel, after a Leyden jar inside the vessel has been charged. One cannot measure during the compression, of course while passing through the nozzle, the gas has become strongly charged (sometimes +, sometimes–). It is cleared by the static field after a short time. (During the first trial, the condenser was charged by a battery to 1,000 V. That did not suffice. The inflowing gas completely discharged it and was later itself still charged. In the sub- sequent trials, the condenser was charged with frictional electricity up to 10 to 12,000 V that did suffice.) After 1 to 2 minutes, the gas is drained away, which lasts ½ to minutes meanwhile, the electrometer is being observed. The re- sponse is determined before and afterward that is, at different potentials. That way the insulation is also checked. As planned, the whole gas tank (c. 20 kg) hangs from a quartz pipe inside a large iron vessel. The free space inside is everywhere at least 15 cm wide, to avoid a too large capacity. In these circumstances, we estimated it at 50 to 60 cm. In order to prevent the air’s spontaneous conductivity from diminishing the insulation value
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