D O C U M E N T 4 7 1 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 7 4 6 3 471. From Henri Barbusse[1] Miramar by Théoule, 2 February 1927 Dear and esteemed Colleague, Permit me to add a personal appeal to the one you will find enclosed and to which I ask you to please adhere.[2] Your name is one of those that looms in a class of great, honest persons who would rise up to impede and to fight the encroaching barbarity of fascism. I have drafted this appeal spontaneously, without following any mandate of a po- litical nature or otherwise. I only listened to the spirit of solidarity and the voice of good sense evil is not without remedy, there is “something to be done,” and what can be done above all, and first of all, in the face of the enormous numbers who have embraced fascism, is to raise a moral force, to mobilize the true public con- science, and to give a clear voice to the reprobation that is widespread everywhere. I must add that, regarding the tenor of this appeal, I have exchanged views with Romain Rolland, who is wholeheartedly in agreement with me,[3] and who reck- ons, as I do, that an uprising of free spirits, a protest by enlightened, respected per- sons, if it is well organized and if it continues, is solely capable of putting a stop to a horrific state of affairs.[4] Finally I must tell you that very soon I intend to create an international review, Monde, which will have as its goal the dissemination of great human principles into the current international chaos, to combat the reactionary spirit and propaganda. This publication can become an important platform intellectually, artistically, mor- ally, and socially if personalities such as yourself would like it to be. It will serve as a conveyance for the voice of the committee[5] and will give shape to its elevated mission. I would be grateful if you would let me know if you were to accept being con- sidered as an eventual collaborator on the Monde. I would be equally obliged if you would reply to me regarding the appeal[6] by a letter which I could, in that case, possibly publish in full or in extracts. Sincerely yours, Henri Barbusse
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