D O C U M E N T S 3 6 5 , 3 6 6 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 6 3 6 1 365. To Paul Ehrenfest [Berlin, 3 September 1926] Dear Ehrenfest, I know nothing definite.[1] But I have the impression of irresponsibility and unscrupulousness.[2] I had handed out an extremely cautiously worded recommen- dation card addressed to Weizmann.[3] She then alleged there that it had gotten lost, which I don’t believe. That’s how she wrangled a good reception for herself over there, and my reserved attitude was useless. You cannot do anything on the basis of my conviction, of course, grounded merely on subjective impressions. Klein’s treatise is fine and impressive.[4] But I find Kaluza’s principle far too un- natural. From the standpoint of general covariance, the condition of the cylindrical character is very complicated, i.e., improbable.[5] Warm regards, your Einstein 366. To Hans Albert Einstein [Berlin,] 7 September 1926 Dear Albert, I’m sending you here the official informational document of the director of the Neu Kölln Hospital, (Berlin), whom I know well.[1] He told me verbally that he would very gladly be willing to communicate more precise information to you, preferably in a personal conversation. He was quite concerned when I recounted your case to him.[2] He honestly thinks that I would have violated my fatherly duty by not acting energetically enough to prevent this harm. A psychiatrist here, with whom I have spoken, believes the same thing. So, I wrote to Bleuler (Dir. of Burghölzli)[3] and asked him to enlighten you, so you at least do not run blindly into this disaster. I can’t write you anything else today. Do come here to me soon. Examinations and everything else are trifles compared to this momentous matter. Personally, I have nothing against Miss Knecht and one cannot demand such a sense of respon- sibility and self-denial from a wench. However, it must be required of you. Best regards from your Papa
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