7 2 D O C U M E N T S 6 2 , 6 3 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 5 62. To Hans Albert Einstein [Berlin,] 11 September 1925 Dear Albert, I immediately wrote to H. Anschütz, but have received no response at all in almost two weeks.[1] That isn’t nice. The music has been ordered and has hopefully arrived at Mr. Otto’s.[2] Regarding Mama’s brother, inquiries have been initiated via a letter to a legation counselor of the German Embassy in Moscow.[3] I requested the response be sent to me. Tete’s[4] letter gave me great pleasure the jin- gles were nice and droll. I intend to write to him soon. The science is going slowly and tediously. Mr. Grommer is here just now and calculating something.[5] It is raining incessantly here, like I can hardly remember. The weather must be nice even in Kiel! However, it’s quite pleasant here, since most people are away on trips but one cannot go sailing. I’m looking forward to your coming here. But you need to be a bit more polite toward my wife.[6] Otherwise, I cannot expect her to invite you here for long. Ask Mr. Anschütz why he hasn’t answered me. I thought the thing was good.[7] Write to me soon and tell me a bit about how you’re living there and what you all are working on. Regards from your Papa 63. To Mileva Einstein-Mariü Berlin, 11 September 1925 Dear Mileva, Now I am back on my customary track and am grappling with my formulas.[1] I recall the stay with you with pleasure and intend to repeat it.[2] The story with Al- bert, however, does not seem so harmless, particularly as the female part is very obstinate.[3] I noticed in various aspects that the patient is very stubborn on this point, in contrast to the rest of his nature. I seriously doubt whether anything can be done. Ultimately, you will have to grin and bear it. He didn’t lose his obstinacy, without wanting to offend us. It’s a real shame about the good stock! With regard to your brother, I have initiated inquiries through the German Embassy in Moscow.[4] If this is unsuccessful, I will turn to the Russian Embassy here. I will be able to lend you the money at the end of the year.[5] It would be good if you could
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