D O C U M E N T S 9 7 , 9 8 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 5 1 1 7 97. To Eduard Einstein [Berlin, 26 October 1925] Dear Tete, Recently I sent the old banker Fürstenberg, who is a brilliant joker, a letter of congratulations for his 75th birthday.[1] I’m sending you a copy of it so you can see that your old man is also fond of the fair Muse. Please let me congratulate That renowned finance magnate. Many people of money cropped up, Whether strong, in the end, or bankrupt, However much their names bedazzled, Their splendor was so soon befrazzled. Albeit Fürstenberg, contrarily, Was endowed with immortality. He did not gain it sedentarily, Perspiring over profundities. He let fly many a loose quip[2] To make one bend up at the hip. To Mr. Fürstenberg I convey, To stay mobile as long as they. _____ Postscript. This letter does come somewhat tardily. The cow only gives milk when she has some. 98. From Pascual Jordan [Göttingen, 27 October 1925][1] Dear Professor Einstein, I would like to extend to you my cordial thanks for the kind postcard that you sent me at the time about my work.[2] I don’t quite know whether I may burden you again with another matter but I would very much like to submit to you some recent deliberations. They contain some points about cavity radiation and its treatment ac- cording to “quantum mechanics,” as it was established by Heisenberg and which
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