3 1 2 D O C U M E N T 1 7 2 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 6 Musst Du Frieden stiften in Zion? Das ist doch Heiligenberuf.[6] Und das auf Wiedersehen nächstes Jahr in Jerusalem war nur der übliche fromme Wunsch![7] Viel Herzliches Dir u. d. Deinigen! Michele. ALS [7 090]. Einstein and Besso 1972, pp. 218–219. [1]Doc. 138. [2]A quote from Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians 6:9, or to the Thessalonians 3:13. [3]On the derivation of the equations of motion of the electrons from the field equations, see Doc. 138, note 8. [4]Einstein had alerted Besso to the development of matrix mechanics in Doc. 138 see its note 9 for references. [5]Johann Gottfried Beck (1900–1992) had received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Bern a month earlier. He was working as an assistant to Heinrich Zangger at the Institute for Forensic Medicine at the University of Zurich. Besso refers to an early draft of Beck, Go. 1926. [6]In Doc. 138, Einstein had alluded to his role in recent developments at the Hebrew University and termed himself a “Jewish saint.” [7]The phrase with which the traditional Haggadah ends during the Passover seder. 172. From Judah L. Magnes Jerusalem, January 20, 1926. Dear Professor Einstein, Enclosed you will find a copy of some draft proposals concerning the makeup of the Board of Governors and the Academic Council of the University. There has been, as you are aware, a considerable amount of dissatisfaction from the way in which the Board of Governors of the University has been constituted.[1] The proposals as here outlined are an attempt to meet various views. You will ob- serve that we propose that the Board of Governors shall be constituted of represent- atives of three main factors: the Jewish Agency (or Zionist Organization), Jewish scholarship, and the material and moral support that we may be able to get from committees such as the one constituted in America.[2] If the Board of Governors be constituted in some such way as this, the charge cannot be made from any side that this or that particular group is in control. There is offered here a balancing of forces such as our University is in need of. As to the Academic Council, you will observe that we propose that it have three sections, European, American, and Palestinian, the work of these three sections to be co-ordinated by the Chairman of the Academic Council.[3] When the Board of Governors shall have been constituted in a manner satisfac- tory to all of the elements now interested in the upbuilding of the University, it will be the better possible to take up some of the other problems which have been the subject of correspondence between us.[4]
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