D O C U M E N T 3 7 8 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 6 3 6 9 1. We commit ourselves to registering the invention, which relates to slip- ringless transmission elements, without delay in Germany for patenting and to keep it secret until the application is submitted.[1] 2. The registration is in your and our names. The costs of the German applica- tions will be disbursed by us and are not to be charged in the event that there is a lack of success. 3. We commit ourselves, further, to instructing the firm Anschütz and Co. to draw up suitable designs for the apparatus and to develop them in its workshop. 4. We shall attempt to exploit the yet-to-be issued protection rights along the route of licensing or by an en-bloc sale, insofar as they do not regard the research area of the firm Anschütz & Co. From the net proceeds we shall pay you 50% as soon as we, for our part, receive payments. Net proceeds are the amounts received by us less any agent commission fees and the disbursements for the corresponding domestic and foreign patents. Other expenses may not be applied. 5. We commit ourselves to paying out to you 1% of the sales price for each trans- mitter and receiver element that we have produced according to this patent and have sold. 6. The statement of account for this occurs annually without interest on 31 De- cember, where the amounts received by us are to form the basis. The accounting as well as the payment are due by 1 March of the subsequent year at the latest. 7. If we should assign licenses to the relevant foreign patents in foreign countries for the field of work of the firm Anschütz & Co, then 3% are due of the incoming sums to us for the licenses. Statement of account as above. 8. Any patent suits about a violation will be pursued, upon joint agreement and at common cost. 9. The court of law for both parties will be Berlin, Central Regional Superior Court, dispensing with other court authorities. Please confirm your agreement to the above by signing the enclosed transcrip- tion. Respectfully yours, Nederlandsche Technische Handel Maatschappij „GIRO“ A. Einstein Kv Mayrhauser[2] Director
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