D O C U M E N T 2 4 J U L Y 1 9 2 5 4 9 tual forces of all Jewry.[4] It believes that, only in this manner, is it possible to se- cure a high intellectual level for the university and, on the other hand, to also earn it the confidence of all Jewry, on which alone its unique position as the central in- tellectual institution of the Jewish people can be based—and its entire raison d’être, strictly speaking, ultimately resides in this task. The executive proposes, conse- quently, to initially strengthen the Board of Governors of the university through the addition of some leading scholars—we have in mind proposing the co-opting of Professors Ehrmann, Ornstein, Siegmund Freud, and Landau[5] —on the other hand, to transfer the focus of the top management onto the entire Board of Gover- nors. A small executive body would be at its helm, consisting of the president, who will not reside in Palestine, and two members living near him. The decision about the three most important points—the curriculum, the budget, and appointments— should be reserved for the entire Board of Governors, which will hardly be able to come together for a session more often than once a year. The three-member exec- utive body outside of Palestine is to implement the decisions of the entire Board of Governors, to prepare all subsequent materials and plans for the further develop- ment of the university, and to manage propaganda. In addition, a Palestinian exec- utive committee that is to be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the existing institutes should be formed in Palestine from the members of the Board of Governors living there. The executive is further of the opinion that the right to ap- point an appropriate number of representatives to the Board of Governors of the university must remain reserved for the Jewish Agency[6] as such, and also wants the constitution of the university to be drawn up jointly by the Jewish Agency and the Board of Governors of the university. These proposals will be circulated among the members of the Board of Gover- nors in the next few days in the form of a letter. For the debate and the decision in the matter, a session of the European members of the Board of Governors, to which, besides you, the gentlemen Dr. Weizmann, Sokolow, Sir Alfred Mond, and James de Rotschild belong, will be called, in which Dr. Magnes will also partici- pate as representative of the American and Palestinian members of the Board of Governors.[7] It is absolutely necessary that all the European members of the Board of Governors participate in such a critical session, and we would like to set the date and the place of the conference such that they are convenient for all. The current proposal is for the session to take place on 24 September in Munich. This would be acceptable to Dr. Weizmann, as well as Dr. Magnes and James de Rotschild, hope- fully to you as well. I would be very grateful to you if you could let me know very soon. With kind regards, sincerely yours,
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