161. “My Theory and Miller’s Experiments” “Meine Theorie und Millers Versuche” [Einstein 1926g] Dated between 11 and 16 January 1926[1] Published 19 January 1926 In: Vossische Zeitung, 19 January 1926, p. 1. Index marker Index endnote marker Index n shorttitle marker LitCit Published in Vossische Zeitung, 19 January 1926, p. 1. An ADftS [17 268] is also available (Abs. 259). An incomplete version in English was published three days earlier under the title “Ein- stein Is Ready to Bet on His Theory” in San Francisco Examiner, 16 January 1926, p. 6. [1]Dated by the dates of Abs. 258 and Doc. 160. [2]Otto D. Tolischus. [3]See, e.g., Miller 1925a. [4]He raised the same counterargument in Doc. 49. [5]Tomaschek 1926. Like Miller, Rudolph Tomaschek replicated the experimental underpinning of the principle of relativity (the Trouton-Noble experiment) at high altitude in the hope that it would produce a different result. Unlike Miller, he found no evidence for an ether wind. [3] [5] [2] [4]
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