Page numbers followed by a lowercase “n” indicate endnotes to Einstein docu-
ments; page numbers followed by a lowercase “c” indicate references to the
Calendar. References are collected under the appropriate English heading. Certain
institutions, organizations, and concepts that have no standard English translation
are listed under their German designation (with cross references from an English
translation). “Albert Einstein” is abbreviated to “AE” in subentries. Other abbrevia-
tions used in the index are: “DPG” for “Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft,”
“ETH” for “Eidgenössisch-Technische Hochschule,” “KWIP” for “Kaiser-
Wilhelm-Institut für Physik,” “KWG” for “Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gesellschaft,” “PAW”
for “Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften.” A separate index of citations fol-
lows the main index.
Aall, Anathon (1867–1943), 532
Aardenne, Gijsbert W. van, 228, 268, 352, 403,
415, 457, 508
Aargau Kantonsschule, 91n
Abderhalden, Emil (1877–1950), 45n
Abraham, Max (1875–1922), 7
Academia, scholarly ideals in, AE on, 194
Academy for the Science of Judaism. See Aka-
demie für die Wissenschaft des Judentums
Acoustic research, 127–128
Acta Mathematica, honoring memory of Henri
Poincaré, 308
Adolf Friedrich, Duke of Mecklenburg, 281n
Adn. See Einstein, Hans Albert
Aegeri, 270, 303, 307n
Afanas’jeva-Ehrenfest, Tatyana Alekseyevna.
See Ehrenfest, Tatiana (1876–1964)
Afanas’jeva, Sonya Alekseyevna, 222, 227, 248,
Akademie für die Wissenschaft des Judentums,
168n, 553c
Al-Azhar University, 213n
Albert Einstein Donation Fund. See Albert-Ein-
Albert-Einstein-Spende: 359, 388n, 448n, 585c,
589c, 606c, 614c, 616c; appeal for contribu-
tions, 593c; popular lecture on, 613c
Allen, Ethel, 588c, 594c
Allgemeine Gesellschaft für chemische Industrie
m. b. H., 570c
Allgemeine Studentenausschüsse, and Deutsche
Studentenschaft, 179n
Allied occupation of Germany, end of, 343
Allies: in Versailles Peace Treaty negotiations,
110; AE on, 281; guarantee of democracy in
Germany, 513. See also Versailles Peace
Als-Ob, conference and philosophy. See Philos-
Althoff, Friedrich (1839–1908), on academic ap-
pointments, 142
Amberg, Ernst (1871–1952), 271
American Jewish Congress, 17n
American relief work in Germany, 253n
Amerika Institut, 605c
Amorphous substances, thermal research funded
by KWIP, 560c
Andersen, Hans Christian, The King’s Robe, 155
Aner, Karl (1879–1933), 71
Anglo-American University Library for Central
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