A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S l x v i i
Physics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich; Hans Eugen Specker,
Archivist Emeritus of Ulm; Alfredo Tolmasquim, Rio de Janeiro; Wolfgang Trage-
ser, University of Frankfurt am Main; Analía Trouvé, Chief Librarian, Ministerio
de Relaciones Exteriores, Instituto del Servicio Exterior de la Nación, Buenos
Aires; Ildikó Varga, National Széchényi Library, Budapest; Viola Voss, Leo Baeck
Institute, New York City; Andrea Woelbing, Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek,
Frankfurt am Main; Gabriel Wolff, Jerusalem; Christiane Wegener, Archives of the
Academy of Sciences, Göttingen; Adriana Yanai, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
Intensive work has been carried out at the Einstein Papers Project by talented
and dedicated students who have assisted in preparing a Web-based work environ-
ment and an updated database, and performed bibliographic and archival research.
They have scoured newspapers from around the world, and helped in the final pro-
duction stages. We thank in particular Ben Aronin, Jordan Boyd-Graber, Elizabeth
Felnagle, Lea Hildebrandt, Kani Navasartian, Neil Tiwari, and Shant Uhanian, who
have worked on this volume, as well as Lailani Arcia, Sarit Kattan, Jean Kim, Eliz-
abeth Landau, John McNamara, Gustavo Olm, Ben Olsen, Jennifer Stolper,
Jonathan Webster, and Weihao Xu for making this work possible.
The everyday activities and well-being of the editors and staff of the Einstein
Papers Project at Caltech have greatly benefited from the assistance and generosity
of Susan Davis, John Ledyard, Steve Koonin, Jean Ensminger, Chris Yates, Suzy
Moser, Anneline Weil, and many others among the faculty and staff.
Finally, at Princeton University Press, the editors wish to thank Alice Calaprice,
the devoted longtime copyeditor; Linny Schenck and Hanne Winarsky, our produc-
tion team; Leslie Flis, the designer; Neil Litt; Adam Fortgang; Sam Elworthy;
Martha Camp; and especially Walter H. Lippincott, its director, for his trust and
We dedicate this volume to the memory of Aaron Lemonick, who, in his capac-
ity as member and chair of the Board of Trustees of Princeton University Press,
warmly and energetically supported the Einstein Papers Project over many years,
and imparted to its current general editor much needed wisdom and encourage-
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