6 1 2 C A L E N D A R 1 9 2 0
travel to Switzerland, asks for date of arrival. Provenance:
IsJHU. [43 720].
after April 14 1-page Dft to Georg Swarzenski (see previous entry) in Ilse
Einstein’s hand. He will not go to Switzerland before July or
August. Promises to provide date of his visit to Frankfurt
am Main in due time. Provenance: IsJHU. [43 721].
April 15 1-page TLS to D. B. Steinman, New York. Has already
granted American rights to the translation of Einstein 1917a
(Vol. 6, Doc. 42) elsewhere. Provenance: Steven S. Raab
Autographs. A 1-page Dft in Ilse Einstein’s hand on the
verso of Steinman’s letter (see entry of 24 March) is also
available. Provenance: IsJHU. [45 066].
April 16 1-page TLS, thanking the Royal Danish Academy of Sci-
ences and Letters for election as corresponding member
(see entry of 10 April). Provenance: DkKVS, Prot. nos.
8451, 8671, 1920. [75 394].
April 17 1-page TLS from James Franck. Requests 2,000 M from
KWIP for electron impact measurements. Provenance:
GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 2, Mappe Franck. [78 015].
2-page ALS from Robert W. Lawson. Presses for the
addenda on light deflection and redshift experiments, the
résumé and portrait, since Einstein has not answered his last
letters. In answering a telegram in the postscript, informs
Einstein that the American publisher has in principle
accepted the terms for publishing Einstein 1917a (Vol. 6,
Doc. 42) but no details are available. Provenance: IsJHU.
[44 269].
before April 19 Einstein is a sponsor of the Anglo-American University
Library for Central Europe (see Doc. 379).
April 20 AKS from Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, agreeing
to meet Einstein on Thursday at 4 P.M. Provenance: IsJHU.
[45 258].
after April 20 Rudolf Peters sends a file copy of his 3-page typed letter
dated 20 April to the Deutsche Zeitung, in which he criti-
cizes the anti-Semitic attacks against Einstein in the news-
paper. Provenance: IsJHU. [44 649.]
April 21 3-page TLS from Bernhard Harms in Kiel, where the “Kiel
Autumn Week for Arts and Sciences” is being organized.
The program will consist of performances, popular con-
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