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afraid that I’m the only really fervent member of the
and not clever
enough to truly achieve anything. Also write about how you’re doing at home, what
your wishes and sorrows are and such things. For me, it’s being replete with pon-
dering and work and an unsatisfied yearning for human cheeriness. When you said
to me (in a somewhat more general form) that I was better off than you, it was a
firm stab into my soul. I don’t believe that at all and even less do I wish to have it so.
Write very soon and in detail to your
Albert Einstein.
127. To Elsa Einstein
[Leyden,] 1 October 1923
Dear Else,
Poor kids with their eternal rotten luck with men. So now it’s Margot’s
When putting children into this world, one assumes a huge responsibility and is act-
ing in egotistical delusion. Those people, who come into being that way, are there
to pester each other to no end, again and again; so later when they’re old they must
seek refuge in dogs, cats, and parrots. Despite these and related insights, I’m enjoy-
ing myself fully here. Yesterday I went on a rollicking excursion to the seaside with
the two youngest in glorious
Otherwise we’re working. Eddington was
here, a splendid chap. He had to endure so much that I would have admired him
even without his
Hans already wrote to
I enclose a note to him
because I don’t know his house number. The gist of his defense consists in the as-
sertion that you didn’t give him the 200 francs as such but their equivalent in al-
ready devalued marks from having been left lying for a while at a critical time. I
am probably going to be arriving in Berlin at 10 in the morning. I declined to Arco;
I’ve had enough of visiting
If I go anywhere, from now on it’s to Kiel, when
the management there is simplified with the assistance of Anschütz’s sister so that
I don’t get an oppressive feeling about it
There isn’t any noticeable
trace of unkind feelings towards you. Mark conducted some very good experi-
ments; I’m having a lot of fun with
I want to work with him a lot.
Fond greetings to all of you from
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