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unacceptable utterances that I can only characterize as coarse and a lacking
Deep down is the bitterness because of the divorce; that may well be. But
when a certain boundary has been crossed, then being together is impossible. I am
suffering very much under this and believe that he is suffering, too. Because he isn’t
at all superficial; I’d almost like to say, not superficial enough. A lasting improve-
ment won’t be so easy because in his case there’s a deeply rooted attitude, the ex-
pression of which is intolerable to me.
As concerns the League of Nations, it seems to me that at present there is little
honest will for objectivity. The decisions prove it (Vilna, for
It’s most ab-
horrent when dishonesty conceals itself behind a noble pretext. But my step was
nonetheless perhaps inopportune because a well-meaning fighting minority is be-
My belonging to Switzerland or even to Germany certainly doesn’t play
into my assessment at all. The conduct of the states and of larger communities gen-
erally is determined more by situations and tradition than by motives worth moral
evaluation. Or if one adds the moral aspect into tradition, it is unmistakable that the
psychological power of moral motives in Europe has suffered seriously under shal-
low materialism. Frenchmen and Germans differ from each other almost only by
external circumstances. They are linked by long tradition as regards their overesti-
mation of force. I have to jump very far outside of my own skin in order to be able
to understand those people.
My gravitation-electricity business now seems to appear in a better light to me
again because interesting experimental questions have emerged from
you come later, I’ll tell you about it. Debye’s papers on electrolytes seem very valu-
able and clever to me
he is a very talented fellow who does not lose his way
into abstractions; as regards profundity, however, he is somewhat limited.
To you and yours cordial greetings from your
A. Einstein.
62. From Mileva Einstein-Maric
[Zurich, after 9 June
Dear Albert,
Your letter today to Albert was so harsh that it prompts me to write to you again,
I didn’t show Albert the letter at
and ask you please to write him a
few friendlier words; the boy really does deserve it. Albert, just as I, didn’t have the
remotest intention of doing you any wrong; surely you could see at every meeting
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