D O C U M E N T S 3 6 8 , 3 6 9 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 4 3 6 1
and from there back through the magnet onto the copper shell is a quite suspicious
But otherwise the sphere has its childhood diseases behind it. It hasn’t manifest-
ed anymore shorts and similar foolishness.
In one week I intend to go back up to Kiel until the middle of December.
Shortly before my departure, my mother, who had not been able to leave her bed
for many weeks already,
she fell asleep completely quietly and peacefully;
it was good that way, as she would surely only have had more pain and suffering; I
would wish the same for myself, too, when the time comes.
With most cordial greetings between households, yours truly,
368. To Tatiana Ehrenfest-Afanassjewa
[Berlin,] 10 November 1924
Dear Mrs. Ehrenfest,
Now the donkey R[eynold] is also meddling with our Russian plight, which he
unfortunately seems to have the right to
Please do try to obtain information
from France, etc., soon, so that we can reach our decisions promptly. Then the don-
key in Bern can do what he likes; he has the responsibility for it, as well. I am send-
ing you a copy of my reply to
from which you can also deduce his remarks.
He is the worst arrogant twit on our august committee (notwithstanding
Cordial greetings to all the oldsters and youngsters around your table, from your
369. To Richard Meißner[1]
Berlin, 12 November 1924
Highly esteemed Mr. Meissner,
Although I am both a physicist and a violinist, this answer cannot claim to be in
any way
I certainly do share your view about the futility of all ef-
forts to draw a connection between a violin’s quality and certain simple geometri-
cal relations. A more complicated problem of mechanical acoustics than this is
scarcely conceivable. Not only the intensity and damping of all the vibrations be-
longing to the tones and overtones coming into consideration are decisive, but also
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