D O C U M E N T 4 1 6 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 5 4 0 9
shabby. But because I have to go to Argentina in March, and am giving a lecture
here in Berlin this semester, I must return from Leyden right away. I’m then going
to convince you completely of the gas-degeneration equation. I found another se-
cure but admittedly not quite complete approach to it, free from the incriminating
But how to set up the mechanics to lead to such a thing? Presently I’m
slogging along, roughly according to Tetrode-the-Invisible’s recipe (Zeitschr. f.
There’s something of a genius in that
I did not give Tanya
any more money because she had more than enough. It is not at all pleasant if one
carries too much. What a pity that she dashed away again. Yesterday there was a
presentation about Kapitza in the colloquium (with much sympathy and respect,
Geiger was the
A paper by Hoffmann (Königsberg) on penetrating
radiation aroused great interest as
The paper by Geiger and Bothe on the
statistics of the Compton effect should be finished
They are being very
cautious and aren’t saying anything yet. Just wild rumors in the air.
Warm regards also to your entire little company, yours,
I am glad that my sister received the Au
The dose is worryingly large but
surely an experiment rarely has an efficiency larger than for this one.
416. To Hendrik A. Lorentz
[Berlin,] 9 January 1925
Dear and esteemed Mr. Lorentz,
Bringing good things to people is a difficult business; thus we must console our-
selves for now about what I have to tell you here. Three months ago—as you
know—I asked Mr. Planck to found, or to mother, a national committee for intel-
I immediately saw that my proposal made him unhappy, and
the poor man has struggled within himself for a quarter of a year now. Whenever I
asked him, he always replied that he did not know yet what he ought to do. Yester-
day, however, he returned to the matter of his own initiative and declared that he
could not undertake the function envisioned for him.
The justification he gave was roughly the following: “As long as Germans are
not admitted to international associations and conferences, it is the correct conduct
for a German himself to stay away from all international events—this not with-
standing any friendly relations binding him to individual personalities abroad.” I
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