D O C . 2 5 6 D O U B T S A B O U T B O H R - K R A M E R S 2 5 1
256. “Doubts about Bohr-Kramers”
[Berlin, on or before 28 May
Doubts about
1) Strict validity of the energy principle for all known elementary processes. As-
sumption of invalidity for all actions-at-a-distance unnatural.
2) Pre-established harmony between statistical probability and intensity of vir-
tual emission (and absorption) unsatisfactory.
3) In dispersion and refraction, the virtual incident field has effects other than
statistical probabilities in that it puts atoms in a position to emit virtual fields them-
selves. Hence direct, not just statistical effect on atoms (aside from, indeed, also
statistical infl.).
Transition to statics.
4) Only statistical validity of the principle of linear momentum determines inva-
lidity of the conservation law of momentum and energy (radiation in freely moving
5) How should the virtual field be defined in order to correspond to the return of
a formerly free electron to a Bohr orbit? (very
¢6) In absorption, the virtual field and impulse in the same direction²
6) It is generally unnatural to assume all momentum and energy transitions to be
such as though quanta existed (apart from statistics) and at the same time reject
quanta in principle.
7) Abandoning causality in principle may only be allowed in the most extreme
9) In the broad analogy between ¢accoustic² elastic and electric oscillations, one
ultimately also ought to assume virtual oscillations of the
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