D O C U M E N T 2 0 7 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 4 2 0 5
3) a second copy, labeled “copy,” which I ask you please likewise to sign and,
together with the enclosed carbon
to send to Zurich to your divorced
4) a letter to your divorced
that I ask you please to sign and also send to
Zurich because, according to some additional legal inquiries I made subsequent to
our conversation, this letter about the transfer of financial assets is legally required.
Finally, you are receiving a letter by me, which I ask you please also to put into
the envelope to your divorced wife and send out along with the
Additionally, you will find carbon copies for you and your divorced wife for her
files and for your own files.
If you would like to do your divorced wife a favor, have the statement of account,
drawn up by Ladenburg, Thalmann, and Co. on 2 August 1923 and forwarded to
you on 7 August 1923 as well as the notes of 7 September 1923, which you received
on 8 September, transcribed and send them to Mrs. Mileva Einstein so that she, for
her part, does not have to arrange for procurement of these same documents.
I have prepared everything as well as I could, and I hope that thus it is settled to
the satisfaction of all parties.
Cordial regards, your friend,
207. To Hans Albert and Eduard Einstein
[Berlin,] 2 February 1924
Dear Boys,
Haber was so kind as to put the business affairs in New York in suitably profes-
I hope peace and contentment will set in now. Take care of the house
purchase, dear Albert, or write me when you have reached an agreement so that I
can take care of other
Grossmann writes me that you completed the
best examination of all, dear
What a dubious piece of work I was, in com-
parison! I was very pleased about it. Which of you can come, and when, to Kiel?
I’ll then certainly be able to schedule it. Haber says you should diligently learn En-
glish, dear Albert; then you’d have good chances in America; he has valuable con-
tacts there. I’m particularly looking forward to playing music with you, dear
when will that be? Write sometime when you have the inclination to, your
deeply loving
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