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of light. Bohr, Kramers, and Slater have most recently been trying by starting from
whereas I tend to view light quanta as the real structural elements
of radiation. A veritable controversy, however. has not taken
since neither of the two interpretations has managed until now to describe in a
somewhat satisfactory manner all the observations coming into consideration. Yet
there is hope that a decision between the two indicated theoretical possibilities will
be reached shortly by experimental means. Physicists are most eagerly awaiting the
outcome of an experimental investigation aimed at this goal being conducted by
Geiger and Bothe at the Bureau of Standards [Physikalisch-Technische Reichsan-
stalt] in
In great respect,
376. To the Prussian Ministry of Science, Culture and
Popular Education
Potsdam, [after 22] November
Germany’s climatic conditions impose a strong constraint on the possibility of
astronomical observation. In addition, the installations at German observatories are
in many instances inadequate and out-of-date; current financial conditions forbid
having them undergo a thorough overhaul. In order to make it possible now for Ger-
man astronomers to participate in the broader field of astrophysical research, the
Board of Trustees of the Astrophysical Observatory deems it necessary to create
the opportunity for observations under more favorable conditions and under the
southern skies. With these aspects in view, the Board urgently recommends taking
advantage of the especially favorable conditions in La Paz (Bolivia) and sending an
expedition there with the purpose of recording stellar spectra and doing other
The Board petitions the Ministry of Science, Art, and Public Education
to support the plans with this aim as far as ever possible.
von Laue
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