D O C . 4 5 5 T R A V E L D I A R Y 4 4 7
455. South American Travel Diary Argentina, Uruguay,
March, April, May [5
May] 1925
5 March.
Yesterday wife, Katzenstein with sister, the Bärwalds, at the
in sunshine, arrival
Mrs. Robinow with son-in-law at the
ternoon with Mrs. Robinow, Mozart on child’s violin. Evening Hamburg-style fam-
ily meal. Melchior also
clear-headed, witty. Hotel by foot. Society sen-
sible, decent.
Today at 9 o’clock boarded
with son-in-law
Fine, intelligent person.
Departure half past 9 in sunshine, past ships, warehouses. All farewells. All know
my face, but am not being disturbed so far. 11 o’clock sky overcast. Shores retreat.
Blissful peace.
Yesterday evening received a black necktie sent to hotel, ordered by phone by
the Bärwalds. Humorous, enormously active fellows. Cabin luxurious. Engine not
perceptible. Ship huge (23,000). Margot would have liked
6 March.
Boulogne harbor. Always overcast but the air already more caressing. New pas-
sengers, mostly South Americans, chattering and dolled up. Harbor steamship
makes elegant farewell maneuver. City extends greetings through the mist. Made
the acquaintance of Prof. Jesinghaus
who sits near me at meal-
times. Quiet and fine, knows quite a lot, too. In-between-times I am alone and quite
comfortable. Voyage will last quite a while yet, thank God; but I already dread the
7 March.
Conversation with Jesinghaus about causality. Idea about grounding of
Riemannian geometry. Reading of fine stories by
First time brilliant sunshine. Around 11 we approach Bilbao. Sea blue-green,
shoreline with hills first silvery, then in brilliant sunshine. Many inquisitive people
came on board ship. Spanish inquisitive, not weary or blasé, childish, self-confi-
dent, the women with black hair & eyes & and lace kerchiefs on their heads. I grate-
fully enjoyed the sun, on the very top [deck]. Met Mrs.
like a panther cat. 9 o’clock in the evening played piano in room for children and
women. Chased away by two Swabian women who probably just wanted to listen.
I must have cut a droll figure making my escape.
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