3 8 6 D O C U M E N T S 3 8 9 , 3 9 0 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 4
Do you want to leave on a cure, dear Elsa, because your eyes have gotten worse?
Let’s hope that miracle worker helps you! That’s the main thing.
Yes, our correspondence is flourishing and is very welcome. Right? Let it re-
main this way!
In love and gratitude, yours,
389. To Maja Winteler-Einstein and Paul Winteler
[Berlin, after 4 December
Dear Maja and dear Pauli,
Your letters and the happiness radiating out of them show me that I used my
Dutch savings
Now you have a secure living for the rest of your days, ac-
cording to your own taste, and can lead your quiet lives without worry. Mine is in-
teresting, but I have to carry a great burden to the finish; once one has started, one
can’t stop anymore until one bites the dust or all one’s energy is sapped. There’s
one thing I do want to caution you about, though. Be sure that you never get into
any kind of debt again. For that, it is necessary to have some reserves of money;
because life constantly presents unforeseen burdens, against which one must be
armed, if one doesn’t want to get into a fix. I’m experiencing much joy with my
is an unusually able fellow, for all his simplicity and modesty; and
Tete recently got a prize for a drawing in a public
I have difficulty imag-
ining where he got that talent from. I’m always glad when I can be with them—
each and every time. At the beginning of March I’ll be traveling to Argentina;
they’ve been pestering me for years, and I now relented (out of love for the sea). I
hope to be back again at the end of May.
is supposed to be visiting you
at this time. She’ll be goggle-eyed when she sees Florence!
Best wishes for the new year from your
390. From Paul Epstein
[Pasadena], 5 December 1924
Highly esteemed Professor,
Some months ago Millikan asked you via telegraph to bestow on our institute
the honor of your
The necessary funding was released very late and we
could therefore only issue the invitation so close to the scheduled time that we con-
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