D O C U M E N T S 1 4 4 , 1 4 5 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 3 1 3 9
tations of a tempting kind will be extended to
for, those abroad have for a
long time been envying us this, our precious prize. But do also think of those who
love and admire you here; and do not let them suffer unduly for the baseless mean-
ness of a savage pack that we must under all circumstances get under control. We
over here will, as I said, do our utmost to get to the bottom of this matter and put a
stop to this rabble’s business. But pending this outcome, do please let us retain the
hope that, in the end, light will gain victory over darkness.
With cordial greetings also to
yours very truly,
M. Planck.
144. Aphorism
[Leyden,] 12 ¢December² November 1923
Children don’t make use of their parents’ life experiences; nations couldn’t care
less about history. Bad experiences must always be made anew.
Albert Einstein.
145. From Gustav Bradt[1]
Berlin, 27 Potsdamer Street, 12 November 1923
Esteemed Professor,
You probably know about the situation in Germany through the news reports in
the Dutch press better than we do here in Berlin, as the book printers are striking
and the newspapers are not being issued
At the moment a certain easing of
tension seems to have set in, since one estimates that the danger from the right is
not as high as before, because the rightist insurgents are divided and distrust one
At the moment one cannot say that there is a pogrom atmosphere here. The de-
fensive intent has been recognized on the opposing side and “compelling” proofs
do not fail to have their effect on the opposition. About 50 young Jews were hired
into the green police a few days ago as Security Police
Our young peo-
ple are taking action themselves against particular abuses among Eastern Jewish
circles—such as, for inst., against the illicit foreign currency trade on the street and
in cafés, in that the dangers to the Jewry resulting from such activities are being
very energetically pointed out to the dealers. This way we are coming to grips with
these abuses more quickly than the official authorities.
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