D O C U M E N T S 4 6 1 , 4 6 2 M A R C H 1 9 2 5 4 6 1
461. To Elsa Einstein
Cap Polonio, 15 March 1925
Einstein, Haberland Street, Berlin
Equator nearby, healthy and sunburned, thanks for birthday
Greetings to all
462. To Elsa and Margot Einstein
[Cap Polonio] 20 March [1925]
My Dears,
Now the happy-go-lucky life is over. Tomorrow we’ll be reaching Rio at an un-
godly hour, where only God knows what’s awaiting
The voyage was won-
derfully relaxing. I had no more human interactions than was pleasant. A couple of
nice musicians with whom I played, and a couple of people with whom I could con-
verse interestingly. There is a a woman writer, Mrs. Jerusalem, a
and—a Bavarian priest. Add to that the captain, who is an uncommonly witty ec-
centric. Otherwise I paid little tribute to society. I went as a single male to dinner,
the way I happened to be—and that was not always palatable—and avoided people.
For it, I paid tribute by sawing away on the fiddle for the people at a festive concert,
which evoked great
The heat is much less than in the Red
and I was always very moderate
and cautious about eating, so not the slightest thing happened to me. It sometimes
does demand willpower because the cooking is very good. I worked little in the
heat, as opposed to the Japan trip. I feel very equal to the exertions ahead of me and
think of what’s ahead nonchalantly, although without much interest, either. That lit-
could not come along I regret with each experience that would have
been nice for her. To be sure, there will be many more like it. Sunshine, stars, sea,
flying fishes, dolphin, a charming tour through filthy, dreamy Lisbon, the passage
along the mighty Pic a
(similar to the Fuji) and much else.
I hope all of you are well and everything else is in order, too. Don’t have the sal-
ary for May picked up, d[ear] Else. I’ll arrange the matter after my return. In the
meantime, telephone
accordingly, so that he knows.
Warm regards all around, also to the grandparents, from your
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