2 6 4 D O C U M E N T S 2 7 5 , 2 7 6 J U N E 1 9 2 4
275. To Eric Drummond[1]
[Berlin,] 25 June 1924
Esteemed Sir,
I accept herewith reelection into the Committee on Intellectual Cooperation,
with cordial
After my past
this election is an act of especially
generous high-mindedness, and for that reason is particularly gratifying for me. I
shall diligently endeavor always to do my utmost in the service of the good cause.
In utmost respect,
A. Einstein.
276. From Heinrich Zangger
[Zurich,] 27 June 1924
Dear friend Einstein,
So, the house was
after you had seen the photograph—location. It is
certainly the best object under discussion as regards construction, location, market-
ability with respect to risk of loss. For the younger
it is the best protection
against illness, since nowadays one can scarcely find a healthier residence.
Superconductivity and atomic volume are surely somehow interconnected—
I don’t understand why a superconductive current does not go through any sol-
dering joint. You did foresee it. Kamerlingh Onnes is such a fine, simple
I spent 1 hour with him in Paris 20 years ago (he seemed to me to be like Harald
also left a great impression on me with his cir-
Dällenbach wants to leave Braun
—that’s a pity for both parties; he
would now be entering into the productive period; he has also made progress math-
ematically and in presentation. In August I shall be in England. At the end of Sept.
probably in Rome—When are you in Switzerland?
Best regards,
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