D O C U M E N T S 2 2 1 , 2 2 2 M A R C H 1 9 2 4 2 1 9
221. To Hans Albert Einstein
[Berlin,] 7 March 1924
Dear Albert,
My research projects of the past few years are completely inappropriate for a
popular lecture, and then, I generally dread public appearances of such a kind.
That’s why I unfortunately have to decline the talk this time, too. The Fr 45,000 I
designated for the down payment on your house purchase; and I invested another
Fr 45,000, which is supposed to belong to you, that is,
I hope you’ll soon
find a suitable little home.
I’m probably going to be staying in Zurich for a bit on the trip back from
on the trip there, only briefly. There’s no question of it being official; the
main thing for me is to be with you for a while. I don’t have much time because I’m
supposed to go to Kiel in
In any case, I’m very happy about seeing you all again soon. I’m working a lot
but not managing to come up with the real thing. Science is a difficult profession.
Sometimes I’m glad that you chose a practical vocation, where one doesn’t have to
search for four-leaf clovers.
Looking forward to a happy reunion! Best regards to the three of
222. To Asociación Hebraica
Berlin, 8 March 1924
I confirm herewith, with many thanks, the receipt of your letter of January
This invitation delighted me so much that I most certainly feel like accepting it
right away. Upon calm reflection, however, I had to say to myself that I can no lon-
ger travel to South America during the year 1924. For, first, I am currently engaged
in scientific research here together with others and cannot bring myself to interrupt
it. Second, in the last few years I have been absent from Berlin so much that I could
not well justify to the local authorities traveling yet again for such a long time.
In thanking you from my heart for your magnanimous invitation, I ask you to
keep it open until it becomes possible for me to accept it. In return, I gladly promise
not to accept any other invitation from abroad before I have visited you.
In utmost respect,
Albert Einstein.
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