D O C U M E N T 3 8 3 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 4 3 6 9
of my imagination, and received a first prize, a silver Zenith precision watch which
has a value of 67 francs! It is very pretty and runs beautifully, too; I hardly dare to
touch it.
Otherwise, I’m also doing fine. Although I was sick lately, I am now completely
healthy again and am back at school. We now also have physics
I like it,
it’s just that we’re still doing very easy things. In mathematics we now have trigo-
nometry and simpler algebra.
We’re quite at home in our new house,
We like it more and more here.
The view especially is wonderful. Also, all the rooms here are nice and evenly
warm, not like in the old apartment, where it was an effort to heat up a room.
When are we going to see you again? Couldn’t you come here before South
America? maybe on the way? Let’s hope for the best!
Many greetings from your
a[nd] h[is]
383. To Hans Albert and Eduard Einstein
[Berlin,] 28 November
My dear Children,
Your letter pleased me greatly because of the good
To you, dear Tete,
first of all my congratulations on the very well done drawing, also on the watch you
got for it. You certainly didn’t get this talent from your father. And as to your in-
dustriousness, dear Albert, I was no less pleased about the good examination, but
above all about your having done the whole surveying computation on your own
without complete instructions. I know what kind of energetic achievement that
means. I don’t know if I can still visit you before my trip to South America. The
ship leaves from Hamburg on March 5. What a pity that I can’t take either of you
along because school doesn’t permit it. I’ll just have to travel alone. Then in the
summer I’ll also be going to Kiel, where all three of us may be together. Tete has
to go on a rigorous sail once, too. It’s the best fortifier for health. I’m lying in bed
right now with a stubborn flu. But it’s already getting better.
You’re right to be going to Kiel in the summer, dear Albert. You’ll be under no
obligation, and you’ll learn an enormous amount by doing so. I’m at your disposal
for theoretical things. I look forward to that much more than to the journey to
America. Anschütz is sending the reply to me because he doesn’t know the new
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