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301. From Mikhail N. Pokrovsky
Moscow, d. 6, Sretenakij Boul[evard], 13 August 1924
Highly esteemed Professor,
Herewith I have the honor of answering your second esteemed letter of 4
I hope our reply to the letter regarding the inquiry about the purpose of book pur-
chases by the authorized agent of the Jerusalem Library has already reached
After this matter has been examined again with the assistance of experts, much
to our greatest regret we cannot in any way change our conditions stipulated earlier.
It is not a matter of extracting a greater or lesser quantity of dollars or pounds ster-
ling, but rather of recompensing the Hebrew citizens of the Union of Socialist So-
viet Republics for the cultural disadvantage that would undoubtedly develop, if not
currently, then for coming generations, by the removal beyond the Union’s borders
of that only existing manuscript
According to our unanimous opinion,
this setback could only partly be rectified if an important instructive Hebrew library
were to be founded here that would make it possible for all parties to study Hebrew
culture at least through literary sources. And such a library must, according to our
highly precise calculation, come to at least 15,000 pounds sterling.—1/5 of this
sum would certainly not be of significance to us; accepting such a sum would mean
dispensing with Ginsburg’s library without any substitute at all. Our fellow Hebrew
citizens would never forgive us for that.
If this sum cannot be remitted by the Jerusalem Library, there would still remain
the matter not quite accurately formulated in your letter as a “court of arbitration.”
As before, we are not opposed to submitting the matter to the decisions of such as
a commission composed of the director of the Rumianzew Library, A. Winograd-
ow; the vice director of the Public Library in Leningrad, A.
and a repre-
sentative of the Hebrew Library. For our part, we would wish to complete its num-
ber by a prominent representative of Hebrew culture within our Union.—J. Socis,
director of the Hebraic Institute in Leningrad.
Hoping for a prompt and favorable answer from you, in great respect,
(sig.) M. Pokrovsky.
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