1 8 4 D O C U M E N T 1 8 3 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 3
is thinking of perhaps performing the experiment about the duration of
monochromatic emission
that I told you about in the fall.[10] St. John claims to have now neatly proved
redshift.[11] The paper does not seem to have appeared yet, though.
183. From Michele and Vero Besso[1]
Bern, 25 December 1923
Dear Albert,
Since your postcard from Japan I haven’t seen your handwriting; only once, a
couple of months ago, did I receive your good news and greetings through
Zangger.[2] I also haven’t written you for the longest time, last, it seems to me, on
the occasion of your resignation from the Cooperation Committee (whether you re-
ceived that letter I haven’t heard).[3]
You have, I think, little time, and not much inclination for writing. I have to con-
tend with my customary viscosity. I read little, particularly little in the field of phys-
ics; thus I have only a few hints about the more recent papers by Bohr and associ-
ates about the genealogy of the elements (in the Z[eitun]g f[ür] ang[e]w[andte]
Chemie and in the latest edition of Born’s articles); I know nothing about your more
recent papers, apart from a ¢tiny² allusion in a postcard by you to Weyl many
months ago.[4] Thus I also lack the customary connection point for asking and writ-
ing. I think if you had come substantially further on one of the great questions, you
would have granted me the pleasure of reliving it with me. It might be that
on every side
geometrical view of the el. mag. field
and embedding of the singular points in it
relation of the electrons
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