D O C U M E N T S 2 3 7 , 2 3 8 A P R I L 1 9 2 4 2 3 5
237. To Hendrik A. Lorentz
[Berlin or Kiel, after 21 April
¢1)² Now in answer to your
1) The building represented in the illus-
tration has, in fact, been built on the grounds of the Astrophysical Observatory in
Potsdam; the illustration is probably a reproduction of a photograph, because it is
exactly in accord with the
2) The tower is used for solar and stellar spectroscopic photography. It’s basic
shape is determined by the ray path for the imaging, which—as far as I know—has
been determined by Dr.
somewhat based on an American model, but
deviating from it in essential
The architectural features originate from a talented young architect (Erich
); nobody else exerted influence on it. The building is in any case
original and receives a lot of protest but also much
it does not look
pompous and defiant, but has been executed with almost exquisite economy.
Cordial regards to you and your
very sincerely yours,
A. Einstein.
238. From Heinrich Zangger
[Zurich, ca. 23 April
*** Einstein,
You are still coming to Switzerland in May, as you did promise or
In the enclosed, thoughts on the question of the importance of fibrous structure, es-
sence of fiber
You were probably also with Debye in Brussels; he certainly told you about what
is being done where he
The disaster in the Gotthard preoccupies me
2 assistants have been
there since the start.
With dev[oted] greetings,
The problem of cohesion and tear-resistance
Criteria: Speaking in favor of something essential is that:
I. With diminishing cross section, the tensile strength for certain blocks of salt
rises quite constantly; if there were tiny fissures, this would hardly be comprehen-
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