D O C U M E N T S 2 6 3 2 6 5 J U N E 1 9 2 4 2 5 7
263. To Elsa Einstein
[Bernburg,] Friday evening [6 June 1924]
Dear Else,
It was a brilliant day. We drove without stopping until Wittenberg, where we vis-
ited the castle church (Luther’s theses) and the city
In the afternoon, a
visit to a very pretty castle park; onwards to
where we’re staying over-
night. It’s very cozy.
264. To Elsa Einstein
Göttingen, 7 June
After a splendid drive through the Harz, we entered—Göttingen. Man cannot es-
cape his destiny! We are staying here
Warm greetings, yours,
265. From Hans Albert Einstein
Zurich, 8 June 1924
Dear Papa,
Now we’ve bought a house, or rather, we’ve been buying it this whole
Purchasing a house is a lengthy procedure, you know; it’s been going on for a fort-
night. The supreme authorities have the law in their hands, and so one really can’t
ask for it to go faster. I and Mr. Zangger like the house very much. Mama will write
you about
The thing to say about the holidays is that Teddy is almost certainly going to be
free July 12, whereas I am going on a 14 day surveying course exactly on July 12;
therefore, I won’t have vacation until a fortnight
Teddy’s vacation lasts 5
weeks, mine are like last year; I just have to go home sooner because this Vor-
Dip[lom] examination is significantly broader in
You know best how we
should divide up the vacation.
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