D O C U M E N T S 6 8 , 6 9 J U N E 1 9 2 3 6 7
riod seems to me too murky to discern zero-pt. issues.— (See Einstein-Stern H2—
I mucked about a bit, but would first like to hear your opinion.
Cord. greetings—your old
I haven’t sent out the Au-Cl crystal to Prof. Kocher[thaler] yet because I can let it
continue to grow a little more during the coming four
68. To Eduard Einstein
[Berlin,] 25 June 1923
Dear Tete,
I’m sorry that I have to write you such serious things today, but there’s no other
way. Maybe you still remember that last summer Albert behaved himself so nastily
toward me that I almost couldn’t continue staying with
Now, a few weeks
ago, he wrote me such a coarse and ungrateful letter that a decent person could
hardly have written to his
That’s why it’s impossible for me to meet up
with Albert this summer; indeed, it’s even doubtful whether I can ever take up re-
lations with him again.
But I would very much like to be together with you this summer, as long as cir-
cumstances allow. Because now, as before, you remain the dearest person left to
me. I do know, though, that conflicts might be attached to your coming to see me.
So do as you like and are able; just write me very soon. I would go with you to Lau-
trach or to Kiel in August, as soon as your cure is
Write very soon, kisses from your
69. From Eduard Einstein
[Zurich, between 25 June and 15 July
Dear Papa,
It took so long for me to write because I could only pick up the
from the
post office now; I never had time until now because of
I only got it on the
4th day.
Mr. Zangger has examined me now and didn’t find the business serious; besides,
he’ll have already written
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