D O C U M E N T S 8 8 , 8 9 J U LY 1 9 2 3 9 1
traveling here personally to attend a pacifist
¢against the occupa-
tion of the Ruhr region², a magnificent person. As powerless as good and fair peo-
ple may be, they alone make life worth living.
With warm wishes on your vacation to both of you and your dear little children,
A. Einstein.
Best regards from my wife, who has much to do and wants to write another time
who was just here, tells me that according to already available
measurements of ionized gases the effect I am seeking cannot be
there is no understanding the terrestrial magnetic field. I’m sending out this letter
to you so that it arrives safely. But do please write your wife that both of us are
warmly disposed toward her, also that she really shouldn’t take this laziness in writ-
ing amiss.
88. To Paul Langevin
[Berlin,] 22 July 1923
Dear Langevin,
I am very happy that you are coming. You must stay in my home as the two
in whose rooms you will be entirely comfortably accommodated, are
away. It is wonderful of you to come here for the
I was invited to speak
there but only gave a brief written statement, as a personal appearance is impossible
Please write me on which train and at which station you will arrive. With cordial
regards to you and your
A. Einstein.
You are doing a great deed by coming to this event.
89. From Richard Courant
Göttingen, 2 Weender Land Street., 23 July 1923
Dear, esteemed Mr. Einstein,
Subsequent to our recent conversation at
where you kindly
stated your willingness to add a note about your new ideas to the German edition
of Eddington’s Mathematical Theory of
I wrote to Eddington and en-
countered the enclosed happy approval of this plan, in
Would it be
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