D O C U M E N T 3 1 7 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 4 3 1 7
I also had occasion to discuss with well-informed people, particularly with
French persons, the question of Germany’s entry into the League of
without exception, were of the view that Germany would receive a permanent seat
in the Council of the League of Nations, like other large states. All were also of the
opinion that upon successful conclusion of the London
should join the League of Nations. I myself am definitely also of this conviction
and believe I should add that other conditions, or reservations, should not be raised
by Germany for its joining the League of Nations. With trust one attracts trust, and
without trust fruitful cooperation is not at all possible. May all friends of interna-
tional reconciliation in Germany use their influence toward not allowing the pres-
ent favorable situation for Germany’s entry into the League of Nations to pass by
A. Einstein.
315. Calculations on Quantum Theory of Gases
[Berlin, after 1 September
[Not selected for translation.]
316. Calculations W
[Berlin, after 4 September
[Not selected for translation.]
317. To Leib Jaffe[1]
Berlin, 9 September 1924
Dear Mr. Jaffe,
If you are now making the renewed attempt, as delegate of the Keren
[United Israel Appeal], to win Poland’s Jewry over to the construction of Palestine,
my best wishes accompany your work.
There is no doubt that precisely in the coming years the settlement of Palestine
depends on the collections for the Keren Hayesod advancing at a much quicker
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