D O C U M E N T 2 4 3 M A Y 1 9 2 4 2 3 9
tion of the committee to
it will eventually become evident how it will work.
I am very sorry about the news about Ilse. If only one knew what’s wrong with
I feel very sorry for Wertheimer. But as long as it does some good, it’s all
right; and in the end he does have the option to divorce
You may as well
let the cat continue to stay with us, especially as long as
doesn’t have any
other object available for her tenderness. I’ll also enjoy it. Maybe you’ll change
your preferences yet. What motivated you to take the initiative on the reprinting of
and for such a moderate honorarium, at that? I’m beginning to doubt
your business acumen. In any case, I’m opposed to your proposing anything at all.
I am very sorry that I can’t speak with
If it were very important, it really
would be doable. You were right not to send the cake; it’s gluttony anyway, which
should be resisted with all one’s energy. But living here is wonderful. The corre-
spondence with Grommer is working brilliantly as
I was delighted with your lines, dear Margot. Being so immersed in one’s busi-
ness is man’s best lot. It helps one get over everything else; I know, from my own
experience. I’m glad about you and your cat. Keep it up.
Warm regards to all, yours,
Friendly greetings to the
—the good-bye was somewhat impersonal,
but the hello will be better.
In Zurich they’re still messing around with the house purchase. Mileva is writing
—another odd little animal in God Almighty’s zoo.
243. From Heinrich Zangger
[Zurich, after 9 May
Dear friend Einstein,
I would have enjoyed the trip to
and also what the philosophers (each
for himself) understand differently about your
One sees it frightfully
in the current Kant
—It is good that he does not have to attend these con-
You and your health. What is the matter?
Do come and see us, per-
haps. We have already figured out what your stomach wants when it’s acutely irri-
tated—surely something else quantum-like—(it has long been our conviction here
that it is your destiny not to be able and not to be allowed to get away from the con-
ceivability of the quantum-like. But many of your acquaintances here are con-
vinced that you have come closer.)
(Eucken, Bjerrum, Perrin are coming
Surfaces and electrolyte questions)
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