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nation that holds and expresses such noble sentiments with regard to one of its con-
temporary nations?
Diels’s verses read so naturally that one forgets it is a translation.
Berlin, June 1924
Albert Einstein.
261. From Satyendra Nath Bose
Physics Department, Dacca University, Ramna P. O. Dacca, India, Dated the
June 1924
[See documentary edition for English text.]
262. To Betty Neumann
[Berlin,] Thursday. [5 June 1924]
Dear little Betty,
gave me your little worry-ridden letter yesterday, as we were
pleasantly spending the evening together. You don’t need to make life so hard for
yourself with such thoughts, though; for, have a look at our circumstances.You are
twenty years younger than I and still have almost your whole life ahead of you,
whereas I’m already almost finished with it, you know. That’s why we should be
happy about each other and make life agreeable for ourselves. But you don’t need
to, and shouldn’t see your future in me, but rather in a person who is twelve years
younger than I. But as long as you haven’t found him, enjoy your days with me;
and think that such a relationship, free from the weight of destiny and earthly grav-
ity, is the prettiest thing that can be granted a person. So come soon and enjoy life.
I haven’t heard anything yet about the sailboat from Katzenstein; but I do think it
will be ready when you
You don’t need to worry about your
ther, because they in fact don’t need you and are glad to know you are in a healthy
and carefree environment. Give them and your
my kind regards, and
come very soon and be kissed by your
A. E.
Tomorrow, it’s away on the tour with Mr.
I don’t know exactly where
this journey is supposed to go. He’s an old gentleman and surely won’t want to
drive so crazily that we’d have to risk our hides for the pleasure. I’d be happy if I
could work peacefully at home instead of this whole business. But I didn’t want to
turn down the wish of this man, who is a great philanthropist.
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