4 V O L . 1 3 , D O C S . 3 8 2 a , 3 8 6 a , 4 1 4 a
the consciousness of all physicists and mathematicians, and the working out of
their implications continues with unremitting force. But the genesis of these ideas
is hard to grasp: they appear to have fallen from heaven. For this reason alone the
publication of Hamilton’s collected works would be of great importance. In addi-
tion it is certain that valuable stimulation would now arise from their publication:
for it seems that their content has in no way been exhausted. Finally however it is
an obvious and pleasant task of Mankind to treasure faithfully and completely the
great and noble which has arisen in their midst and to rescue it from being forgot-
I would like to add that the Hamiltonian method was found to be valuable in the
formal framework of Relativity theory, and that therefore Hamilton’s way of think-
ing is particularly close to me. I therefore wish from my heart that you will succeed
in effectively contributing to this fine
I am, with very high regard, yours,
A. Einstein
Translation from John F. Donegan et al, eds., Hutchie: The Life and Works of Ed-
ward Hutchinson Synge (1890–1957). Pollauberg: Living Edition, 1922.
Vol. 13, 382a. Calculations
[On board SS Kitano Maru. on or after 7 October
[Not selected for translation.]
Vol. 13, 386a. To Marcel Grossmann[1]
[Tokyo,] 23 November 1922
[Not selected for translation.]
Vol. 13, 414a. Inscription for Theresa Renner[1]
[Shanghai, 31 December 1922]
[Not selected for translation.]
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