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153. From Jakob Grommer[1]
[Berlin,] 16 November [1923]
Dear Prof.,
The formulation where denotes the 2nd par[tial] de-
rivative of a funct. ψ, necessarily leads to
If one leaves arbitrary,
then the eqs. state no more and no less than that the manifold may be depicted on
a Euclidean conformity, which is not the case for Schwarzschild’s. I don’t yet know
whether perhaps they won’t hold to 1st approximation after all.
With cordial regards also to Prof. Ehrenfest, yours,
J. Grommer.
154. From Emil Warburg[1]
Berlin W-15, 27 Uhland Street, 16 November 1923
Dear Colleague,
As I have not visited either the Academy or the German Phys. Society since my
return and have not spoken with any colleagues, I am living without the world, so
to speak, and also just heard from my wife through yours that you are in Leyden
and have been solicited by Columbia University.[2] You know how much it must
mean to me that you stay with us, as you are the only colleague with whom I have
a closer personal relationship and productive scientific exchanges. Nevertheless,
and however slight my influence on your decisions may be, it would seem too irre-
sponsible to urge you to go back to Berlin. The situation here is becoming increas-
ingly dire; moreover, the Rathenau case, whatever one may think, teaches that stay-
ing in Germany is not without danger for you—and as I should like to add—for any
patriotically minded German.[3] Since, if even the slightest thing should happen to
you here, Germany’s reputation among civilized nations, which has already shrunk
quite alarmingly, would receive its death blow. In any event, allow me to hope that
we shall continue to stay in communication.
Riklm gilTkm += Tkm
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